Don't Rush Getting Your Licence

Completing your 100 Logbook hours can be exciting. If all goes well, you are just a few weeks if not days away from obtaining your Queensland driver’s licence. When you pass your practical driving test, you will be able to drive a car without a supervisor or a driving instructor present.

This is one of the most exciting times of one’s life and everyone looks forward to it. It is also the most crucial time of your driving life.  The reason is that the last few weeks of learning are so important in making sure that when you finally hit the road by yourself, you will be a safe driver at all times. Listen to the tips given to you by your parents, relatives and your driving instructor a few days before your test. You need to make sure that you work on your weaknesses before going to a driving test. This will not only ensure that you pass your test on the first go but will also make you one of the safest drivers on the road. 

How To Choose A Centre For A Practical Driving Test

Practical driving test

If you live in the Brisbane region, there are many centres to choose from. However some centres are easier than others. In order to be able to pass on the first go, be familiar with the area. Centres such as Toowong and Greenslopes are considered by many to be challenging. Having said this, it does not mean that no one pass at these centres. The truth is that everyday, there are many test candidates who pass their practical driving test at these centres. This is because they take the time to practice around the area. By doing this, they are boosting their confidence. Signal Driving School always recommends having a few driving lessons with a driving instructor who knows the centre really well. They will be able to show you some of the challenging routes and give you tips about your chosen centre.

Centres to consider when booking if you live in Brisbane region include:

Hiring A Driving School Car For Your Test Vs Using Your Own Car

You might have heard it that using a driving school car increases your chance of passing a driving test. This can be true in some situations. However, it does not guarantee that you’ll pass your practical driving test.  You still need to ensure that you do enough practice and be ready. Be better placed to pass your test by using a driving school car. The driving examiners feel more safe when you use the instructor’s car. This is because the driving school cars are fitted with dual controls.

If you choose to use your own car for the practical driving test, you will need to ensure that the car is roadworthy. Specifically the brakes, indicators and tires should all be in good conditions. In the event that any of these does not meet the QSAFE standard, the driving test will not go ahead and you will automatically lose your booking fee.

Generally speaking, if  you’re unsure about this, we recommend using a driving school’s car. Signal Driving School have dual controlled cars available for hire.

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Driving Test Routes

To successfully pass a Queensland practical driving test, you need to be somewhat familiar with the test area. This helps you to boost your confidence. Every experienced driving instructor know or at least should know some of the tricky spots around tests areas. We recommend asking your driving instructor to give you some tips about the test centre where you will be doing your test. It is important to know that the driving examiners choose the test route. They also have different test routes where they take driving test candidates.

Test at Toowong

Pre-Test Driving Lesson

Many driving tests candidates say they are very nervous on the day of the test. You can easily overcome this by doing a pre-test lesson with your driving instructor. They know how to boost confidence on the day of the test. A driving instructor will ensure that you are calm and remind you of anything that you may be forgetting such as mirror checking. You will even get to practice some challenging and popular manoeuvres such as parallel parking, 3 point turn and straight line reversing exercises prior to your test.

Learning How to Drive

General Advice

  • Have a pre-test driving lesson on the day of your test
  • Get plenty of rest a night before the test
  • Arrive at the test centre at least 15 minutes before the test
  • Ask your examiner to repeat if needed
  • Make your observation and scanning obvious
  • Drive to conditions (eg. Adjust your speed when raining or in heavy traffic situations)
  • Practice, Practice and Practice!
  • Ask your driving instructor to show you possible driving test routes
  • Revise road rule theory
Driving Lessons

What To Do After Passing A Practical Driving Test

We understand that passing your practical driving test is one of your memorable achievements. Although this calls for celebration, you must understand that you now have a huge responsibility. You need to remember that you will now start driving independently without a supervisor or a driving instructor present.

According to the Keys2drive program, the crash risk skyrocket when a learner driver passes their practical driving test. This is why you should aim to stay safe especially during the first 6 months of your driving life.

At the end of the driving test, your driving examiner will give you constructive feedback. This can be used to further improve your driving skills. Your driving instructor will also give you feedback. You can also use these to your advantage.

Driving test results can be unpredictable. If you are unsuccessful on the day of the test, don’t be discouraged. They design driving tests to assess if you are ready to be an independent driver.

If you fail a test, take some time to reflect on how the driving test went. You can also use this moment to think about what you could have done better. Remember, driving examiners is not against you but they want you to be a safe, independent driver. It is beneficial that you take the time to read the feedback provided to you during the debrief.

We advise you to not rush into booking another test before fixing the mistakes and doing a few more driving lessons if required. If you feel you are ready, take a mock driving test with one of our experienced driving instructors and see how you’ll perform. We also suggest that you not only focus on what made you fail. Keep in mind that when you redo the practical driving test, you are assessed as if you have never done a test before.

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