Intensive Driving Lessons

Intensive Driving Lessons

Are you lacking confidence in some driving scenarios and have no confidence in doing driving manoeuvres? Then an intensive driving lesson might be for you. The intensive driving course includes doing a long drive on the main roads, side roads and motorways. All the manoeuvres covered in the Queensland driving test will practiced.  


Some of the most popular manoeuvres covered

 Your driving instructor ensures that you master some of the popular manoeuvres such as parallel parking, 3 point turn and U turns at intersections. The intensive lesson also includes doing hill starts and gear changing. Your driving instructor gives you many driving tips on how to execute these manoeuvres. Many of our students who have taken these courses have said that their driving improved after doing a long distance drive. You can choose to do a 3 hour, 4 hours or a 5 hours intensive driving lessons. These courses are available in both manual and automatic. You can view our video on some of the popular manoeuvres you can learn for a driving test by clicking here.

A Great Way To Learn Fast with Intensive driving Lessons

These sessions also suit those wishing to increase their driving logbook hours in a short period of time. It might also be a good idea to do some of these long driving courses if you don’t get much time off work or study. Furthermore, you get to do a lot of practice in different scenarios. You can choose to do a 3 hours, 4 hours or a 5 hours intensive driving lessons. Why not book with us either online,via the phone or text today?

Carseldine Test Route

Intensive Driving Course

For those who wish to take an intensive driving course in 5 days or more, Signal Driving School instructors also helps with this. This is best suited for those who don’t have enough time at hand to do lessons on a weekly basis. By taking our intensive driving course, you get ready for your practical driving test in no time.  Most importantly, your chance of passing a practical driving test will be more than 95%. 

If you would like to book online, secure online booking is available.  You can book the intensive driving lessons until you reach the desired number of hours.  You can also reach us by phone, email and social media.