About The Keys2drive Free Lesson

Keys2drive Free driving lesson in Brisbane involves a learner driver, a supervisor and a Keys2drive accreditted driving instructor. This program was developed by the Australian Automobile Association(AAA) and is fully supported as well as funded by the Australian government. After research were done, it was discovered that the number of new drivers who crashes within their first 6 month of driving is very high. This led to the introduction of this free driving lesson which has now been running for a number of years now.

Signal Driving School have Keys2drive accredited driving instructors in Brisbane who can provide this free driving lesson. There is no set time of when you can do this lesson. Some students choose to do this lesson at the start, others do it half way through their learning whereas others do it just before they go for their practical driving test. We usually recommend that the lesson be done in the first part of learning. The reason is because this lesson helps the learner driver to understand how, when and what they should be learning. The supervisor also benefit a lot by learning what, how and when they should be teaching the learner driver. 

When you book a Keys2drive free driving lesson with us, you can expect the following:

  • Choice of Manual Or Automatic Cars
  • Free Roadmap Booklet provided by the Keys2drive
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Theory component of the lesson
  • Practical Component of the lesson
  • Road rules refresher
  • Feedback From Our Keys2drive Accredited driving instructor
Keys2drive accredited driving instructors

How TO Get A Keys2drive Free Lesson Number

The first thing you will need to do is to head to the keys2drive website then sign up for the free lesson. You will need your Queensland driver’s licence to be able to register. This lesson number can only be used once and we recommend that you keep it safe if you are not planning on doing the lesson straight away. Once you receive the free lesson number, you will be able to send it to us for verification and we will help you book the lesson.

How To Book The Keys2drive Free Lesson with Signal Driving School

Our driving school makes it easy and flexible for our students to be able to book the Keys2drive free driving lesson in Brisbane. After signing up for the free keys2drive lesson, you can  book your lesson via

  • Our 24/7 secure driving school online booking. You get an instant confirmation email after booking. CLICK HERE TO BOOK ONLINE
  •  Calling our friendly driving school staff
  • Emailing us. Please ensure that you include your free keys2drive lesson number

Keys2drive Lesson Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Keys2drive Driving Lesson in Brisbane Free?

Yes, the lesson is absolutely free. It also includes pick up and drop off after the lesson

I have a keys2drive free lesson number, what should I do next?

The next step is to book the Keys2drive free lesson with us using one of the methods describe above. Our keys2drive driving instructor will get a notification of your booking. Most of the times, we send out email reminder as well so that you don’t miss your lesson.

What happens On the Day of the Lesson?

Our keys2drive driving instructor will pick you together with your supervisor from your chosen pick up location, in most case your home. It is essential that you have your driver’s licence with you on the day as you can’t drive without it and the Keys2drive accredited driving instructor will ask for it. The driving instructor will then brief you on what you can expect for the hour lesson. The theory component of the lesson can be done either in the car or inside your home. However it is important to keep in mind that the supervisor have to be present for the duration of the lesson including the practical part of the lesson.

What should I do After the free Lesson?

After the free lesson, our keys2drive driving instructor will give general feedback and will allow you to ask any questions that you may have. The supervisor can ask questions as well. From here you will be able to get an idea of whether you need a couple more lessons with our driving instructors or if you can continue learning with your supervisor. Most students choose to go with either our 5 hours package or 10 hours package before they start learning with their supervisor. When their hours are nearly completed, many of them come back and practice manouevres to ensure they are ready to take the practical driving test. We also have a practice driving test or mock test where the driving instructor will assess whether you are ready to take the practical driving test or not