Why Should I Do Manual Driving Lessons?

There are many benefits that come with learning how to drive a manual car in which gears are selected using a lever and a clutch pedal. When you choose to do manual driving lessons, you are investing in the future as it gives you the ability to drive automatic transmission as well. In contrast, if you choose to learn in auto,  you restrict yourself to driving automatic vehicles only. As a result, you are required to sit another test if you want to drive a manual car. Some of the new drivers may require  several driving lessons to become competent in changing gears and clutch control. However, other learner drivers pick up the gearbox concept within few hours.

Many commercial vehicles and vans come in manual transmission. Therefore, you are increasing your choice of cars by taking manual driving lessons as you may be required to drive a work vehicle or hire a manual car. Manual cars are known to be cheaper than their automatic counterparts. Hence you can save few thousands dollars when purchasing a manual car. Another advantage is that when hiring a car, you are not restricted to one transmission only. Thus, you may not be able to drive that luxurious car that you want.

Manual cars also offer you more control of the vehicle speed and more braking control using the gears commonly referred to as downshifting. Furthermore, the fuel efficiency is also good in manual transmission as compared to automatic. Therefore, this means that your fuel tank may last you few more kilometres.

In summary, Signal Driving School is committed to ensuring that our manual driving lessons are a stress free experience. To begin with, our lessons include the theory behind gear changing, gearbox and the connection between the clutch, brake and accelerator. We generally teach you how to get moving, slow down and stop and learn how to do a hill start as well. In addition, you also get experience on how to change gears smoothly as well as the right timing for gear changing and ensuring that your speed is right for the gear. Furthermore, we make sure that you understand how to do upshifting and downshifting.

Book Manual Driving Lessons - Flexible ways to book

Book Online or Via the Phone

60 minutes MANUAL

$ 70
  • Vehicle control
  • Manouvres
  • Motorway driving
  • And many more
  • Pick up and drop off

90 Minutes MANUAL

$ 100
  • Manouevres
  • Vehicle control
  • Motorway driving
  • And many more
  • Pick up and drop off

2 Hours MANUAL

$ 135
  • Manouvres
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Different driving scenarios
  • Good for those with limited time
Payment Methods

We accept two forms of payments.   Cash: Pay the driver trainer on the day of your driving lesson.           Bank Transfer: Transfer the fee for your lesson to our driving school account.


Rescheduling can be done either online or via the phone. Please note that you need to give your driver trainer at least 24hrs notice so that they can find someone else who wants to do the lesson. Failing to do this may result in a fee being charged.


You can cancel your driving lesson by online or via the phone. Please note that you need to give us 24hrs notice in order to reschedule without incurring a cancellation fee.