Saturday test booking


We take the hassle out of booking a Saturday driving test. It is important to realize that driving tests are conducted by TMR driving examiners and not instructors.  We book Saturday driving tests at the following locations:

  • Greenslopes Test Centre
  • Wynnum Test Centre
  • Sherwood Test Centre
  • Strathpine Test Centre.

Generally speaking, we finalise the Saturday driving test bookings within 3 days. On average, once the booking fee has been received, we complete the booking within one working day, but this is not always. Feel free to contact us if you require additional information about Saturday testing

Frequently asked questions

How to book

  1. Fill in the request booking form at the bottom of this page
  2. Transfer the QLD Transport booking fee. We will send you an invoice once we know which centre as well as the date and time of the test
  3. Once we finalize the booking, you receive a confirmation about your test booking
  4. You can then hire one of Signal Driving School vehicles or bring your own car to the driving test.
  5.  Optionally book some driving lessons with one of our trainer in preparation for your driving exam

Terms and conditions

It is your responsibility to ensure that all the licence requirements have been met such as the written test, logbook requirements. Moreover, the logbook exemption must have been submitted, approved and not pending. Current driver’s licence is mandatory, and you have to hold it for the required period. Generally, you have to have held a learner licence for one year before booking a practical driving test. Other requirements set by the Transport and Main Roads must also be met before you book a Saturday driving test. If you have an overseas license, you need to have completed a written driving test before booking a practical driving test. With this in mind, your licence must be current and up to date with the TMR. Signal Driving School will not be responsible if these conditions have not been met!

Test times will not be altered, rescheduled or cancelled after the completion of the booking and no booking fees refund will be provided. Therefore it is essential to ensure that all requirements have been met before booking the Saturday test.

Saturday Test Slot Request Form

This form to be used by those requesting Saturday driving test slots only. For inquiries regarding Saturday tests, please send us an email via our contact us page.
The QLD Department of Transport in conjunction with driving schools across the Brisbane region including Signal Driving School conducts practical driving test on Saturday at some of the driving test centers across the Brisbane region. With this in mind, our driving school involvement is necessary in the Saturday tests. We provide an accredited driving instructor therefore we book and pay for the test on your behalf. Please note that you will not be able to book this test on the QLD transport website. if you need more information regarding this, get in touch with us today via our contact us page.  On average we get you test slot within 2 weeks of after you contact us.

Saturday driving test

Saturday Driving Test Brisbane