Terms and Conditions

Signal Driving School Instructors

All our instructors are self-employed, and Signal Driving School only acts as their agent. We do this by taking bookings and transferring payments to them. This then means that your contract is between you and your driving instructor. We strongly encourage you to treat your driving instructor in a professional and respectful manner.
Signal Driving School shall not be responsible for a large sum of money you give or transfer to your driving instructor. We strongly recommend you pay packages that are over 5 hours directly to Signal Driving School account for your financial security.
When you make payment directly to Signal Driving School, we shall forward the payment to them only after you’ve had your lesson. For any dispute, we recommend that you first approach you driving instructor and only contact Signal Driving School if the issue is not able to be resolved.

What To Expect

Signal Driving School instructors shall present themselves in a professional and respectful manner. We only use qualified and trained driving instructors who have certificate IV in driver training and possess Blue Card as required by the TMR.
All our instructors shall not discriminate against race, colour, gender, creed or etc
Use of Personal Information:
All information and details you give to Signal Driving School are only used for delivering the service intended and records are kept strictly confidential. Sometime your details may need to be shared with a third party for the purpose of delivering the requested service. All this is done in accordance to our privacy policy.


We understand that sometimes lessons need to be rescheduled or cancelled. It’s your responsibility to notify Signal Driving School or your instructor if you want your lesson rescheduled. Please do so 24 hours prior to the lesson start time. Failing to notify us may result in a no-show fee being charged


We also understand that sometimes lessons need to be cancelled. To cancel a lesson, you can cancel online (link to cancelling can be found in the confirmation email). You can also do so by notifying your driving instructor or simply informing our office and we will notify your driver trainer. You must cancel your lesson at least 24 hours before your lesson is scheduled to commence. Failing to do this may result in full fee being charged.

Lateness and Non-Attendance

It is your responsibility to notify your driving instructor if you will be late for the lesson. Our driving instructors reserve the right to cancel the lessons if the student is late. The instructor may decide to only offer the remaining time, reschedule the lesson to another time or cancel the lesson entirely.
If you do not attend your lesson without notifying the instructor, we may charge the full cost of the lesson and no refund will be made available for lessons that have already been paid.

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